Binondo Food Crawl: Places to Buy and Eat Food in World’s Oldest Chinatown

We can’t deny the fact how much Chinese influenced our country when it comes to food up until this day that even pancit and shanghai are now staple food in every Filipino celebration. These influences can still be clearly seen in every corner of Binondo which is a district in Manila considered to be the oldest Chinatown in the world. It is a food haven for every certified foodies out there who wants to try out authentic Chinese foods. Personally, I love visiting Binondo once in a while, aside from getting all those savory xiao long bao and hakaw, I love the vibe I am getting once I stepped foot on Binondo’s ground. It feels like walking on another nation, it’s such a carrying out feeling to experience and see how Chinese influenced our country. I would always tell that Binondo is such a beautiful chaos. So here’s a list of places to eat and buy foods in Binondo!

  • Café Mezzanine

Cafe Mezzanine

It is located in the second floor of the building at the corner of 650 Ongpin St. just above the other famous fast food Chuan Kee (don’t be confused as many people thought that the two food hubs are the same). It is known to be the “Volunteer Fireman’s Coffee Shop” as the revenues of this restaurant are being donated to Binondo Paco Volunteer Fire Search and Rescue Brigade. They are famous for serving Soup #5 but my personal favorite would be their xiao long bao.

Pork asado with egg
Chinese sausage omelette
Xiao long bao
  • Yingying Tea House

An iconic chinese restaurant located at Yuchengco St., Binondo. For few times that I’ve been to Binondo and pass through their location, I’ll always see a queue outside of this restaurant which I think a good indication how famous it is for people around the area and even tourists. You might get overwhelmed with their menu as they serve a wide variation of Chinese foods from dim sums to hotpot. Personal favorite would be their hakaw and yellow mango shake. The place is usually jam-packed and busy so better be prepared for a waiting time.

Lechon kawali asado rice
Roast duck rice
  • Shanghai Fried Siopao

Shanghai fried siopao
Shanghai fried siopao

This place sells the famous chinese treat, fried siopao, found along the busy street of Ongpin in Binondo. The place is so famous that we had to fall in line for at least 30 minutes just to buy one. You can be sure that their treats are freshly cooked as you can see how those dumplings are being prepared just right in front of you. Siopaos are served hot, the fillings are too tasteful and you can get it in an affordable price.

  • Eng Bee Tin

A Chinese deli chain based in Binondo, Manila. The company got big since its establishment in the year 1912 that they have a lot of branches now around Manila and nearby provinces. They are famous for their hopias with varieties of flavor, tikoy and mooncakes. A perfect place to buy pasalubongs for your loved ones. My personal favorite would be their ube hopia and ube custard hopia. They also serve milk teas in some of their bigger branches.

Ube latte milk tea
  • Mr. Ube

This rice and noodle house is owned also by Eng Bee Tin so you would see and buy all Eng Bee Tin products in all of its branches. The difference with this store is that they sell meals such as rice meals, different kinds of stir fried noodles and noodle soups.

  • Lord Stow’s Egg Tart

Lord Stow's Egg tart

Located in 707 Ongpin St., Binondo just right before the Chinatown Welcome Arch. The best egg tart I ever tasted so far! Their tarts are freshly made everyday. This pastry with flaky outer cover and a creamy custard filling will definitely melts in your mouth. Unquestionably, a must-try!

  • Tasty Dumplings

Another restaurant to visit when craving to eat dumplings located at Norberto Ty St., Binondo. Aside from their dumplings, the place is also known for serving pork chop rice which is said to be their best-seller. Their porkchops are one of the biggest serving I’ve ever seen, sliced slenderly and covered with a chinese style flavor coating fried until it gets crispy.

Pork chop
Kuchay dumplings
  • Oishiekun Chinese Bites

Another treat just located in the street of Ongpin. Also known as the chinese donuts, these pieces of treat are freshly made everyday for a very affordable price. You’ll just see the donuts being displayed on the store and they’ll re-heat it once you ordered one and cut it into bites. Definitely another must-try if you want to have some merienda or dessert after a day of food hauls.

oishiekun chinese bites
  • Ho-Land Hopia and Bakery


A Chinese bakery located in 551 Yuchengco St., Binondo. Every time I go to Binondo, I never failed to stop by on this place to buy some ube hopia. Though both hopias from Eng Bee Tin and Ho-Land are delicious on its own, I always end up buying and preferring the ones from Ho-land. They also sell other Chinese delicacies such as tikoy and moon cakes.

Have you been to Binondo before? What’s your favorite food place? Share your experience below!

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