Do The Things You Want And It Will Make All The Difference

Growing up on today’s society is now getting difficult and complicated due to the standards that the society itself sets. The respect that people around us would give someone depends on how much he earns, depends on the position he currently have on a company or probably how much help you could give to him or her. 
They would say that one woman should be able to get married before turning 30. That one man should work hard and be a sole earner for his growing family. They would say that one daughter should bear a child to be finally called a woman or one son should be able to get a college diploma at the age of 21. There are so many standards going around that would make you feel less of a person if you fail to met those caliber but have you think about how would it be happier if we let those complications and standards slide and be more of ourselves? 
I would prefer to go out and see places I’ve never seen before than to keep myself locked out just because people would say it’s not right to spend money on things that won’t last. Life’s experience and memories kept are too precious. I would prefer to go out and eat the foods I want than to keep myself away from the things I crave just because people would mock you for getting fat. A good heart is way better than a perfect figure. I would prefer to meet random people who shares the same love for adventures than to run away from people because someone might judge me of getting along with someone on opposite sex. People who hates wouldn’t say anything good.
It’s okay to be on the beach even though it is not summer just because you want to feel the sands and hear the waves coming. It’s okay to have scrambled eggs and pancakes for dinners. It’s okay to have a slice of pizza when everyone else around you decided to have a pasta. It won’t make you unalike, it won’t make you an outcast, it would only make you, just you. You are just someone who knows your worth and wants. Someone who could make a firm choice without needing anyone’s approval. 
So if one day someone asked you on how your coffee should be done, tell him to go ahead and just made a cup of his own. Nothing beats an uncontrollable man or woman because only them can control their selves and that will make all the difference. 

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