Think Like A Queen, Have A Heart Of A Warrior

Growing up, I would always see on how a book depicts life of a man and a woman. They would usually illustrate men being the head of a family, solely goes to work to earn a living and a strong individual who fearlessly do anything to protect his family while women on the other hand would usually be pictured as a person who would stay at home to take care of their kids, cooks for the entire family and gives light by giving love and care to every home. As I grow and experience life, I realized that anyone can freely do things that their heart desires. Women can stand and work hard to earn too while men are also capable of spreading care and peace at their abode. In short, anyone is in the position to take any role he or she aspires to get hold of.

I always dream that each women would wake up one day without the fear of going beyond because we also deserve to get our full potentials. Stop thinking that you need anyone in order to be capable of doing great because you alone can be great. Stop thinking that you can’t be like this or like that because anyone including you is allowed to prioritize what she really wants and not the world wants. Stop invalidating your worth just because society expects you to be less, please believe in yourself and you’ll be worthy beyond measure. And lastly, I want to tell you that you are fierce for fighting for yourself but you will be more powerful if you fight for and empower another being or a woman. Strength shouldn’t stop within you, it should be spread out to uplift other individuals who might got lost along the way and needs morale to continue winning life.

Always remember that one woman should not beat a man or another in order to be called strong or successful, one woman should be able to defeat her own self and her insecurities that society throws in order to be a winner. You are not weak, you are not incapable, you are not voiceless, those are just cliches that needs to be neglected. Focus on your own choice, mind your worth and always remember that you can be a game changer. Think like a queen, have a heart of a warrior and everything you believed in will be possible. Ladies, we can and we will! Always!

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