When It’s Okay To Be Afraid

I grew up thinking that the world is kind to everyone but in reality, yes it is kind but not all the time. Uncertainties will always be part of everyone’s life, hate will be thrown upon you and sometimes fear will not make you sleep at those cold nights. And in those cold nights all you wished was that hopefully the world could just be kind to you once again and could wake you up the next morning unoccupied by the thoughts and fears that tried to kill you the other night.
It’s okay to be afraid but you have to look on the mirror and ask yourself “will you let your fears stop you from trying again?” Because if you’re answer is ‘yes’ then it’s game over. Imagine your heart was broken by someone and you built a wall on you that no one can pass by because you’re too afraid of loving again. If you let those fear of opening your heart again with someone else then you would never find your soulmate. Imagine getting failed on a job interview for many times and you stopped sending out your applications because you’re too afraid of being rejected once more. If you let those fear of trying again you would never land on your dream job. Imagine setting aside your passion because you’re too afraid that a family or a friend might judge you doing something that doesn’t pay more as usual. If you let those fear of continuing the passion you worked on you would never see yourself that fulfilled doing things that makes you happy.
The feeling of inferiority and fears that we usually get out of our failures are all valid. You are allowed to be sad and afraid of what’s happening around. As life is not always rainbows and sunshines, there are rainy days and thunders flashing above the dark heavy clouds. So let me tell you to take the rest that you deserve. Rest your heart, rest your mind and soul because I know the power you could create once your heart, mind and soul works again after getting all the rest they deserve.
Fear will always be there waving on us from time to time but what we have to work on our lives is our bravery so it could rule over our fears. Take a break, accumulate all your reasons to fight, so at the end of each day you can rule over your own demons. Cheers to a braver you!

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