When Tough Situations Build Strong People

I would always feel that life hits harder on me since I was young. Most of the time, fate would put me on a situation that I needed to put more effort and sweat just to get the same result as anyone else. I was more broke and underprivileged, I was deprived with all the luxuries that people around me savor a lot. I needed to exert so much into my studies so I would not lose a scholarship that keeps me alive. I can’t stay late outside because no one would pick me up. I can’t eat those fast food menu because my allowance won’t allow me to. I can’t spend vacation far from home and the list goes on and on.

But you know what? I realized that those extra efforts that we put in our past will eventually result into something beneficial to us in the near future. It will make us more experienced in life and will make us feel more ready anytime life decides to shoot us. It will make us stronger as an individual, unbothered by anyone, will make us braver and bolder on whatever choices we decide to take.

I must agree when they say that tough situations build strong people because those battles of yours will thrive little by little into a power that you’ll be needing by tomorrow. One day if you come to the point where you doubt yourself again, remember all the battles you silently overcome. Remember how your young self get through your fears alone, how you mended your heart when it was broken, how you decided to listen to yourself when no one wants to hear your inner thoughts, how you still decided to smile when you actually wanted to cry and how you still chose to step forward when everyone around wants you to step back. They are not meant to destroy you, they were made just to discover additional strengths of yours. Keep going because we only become stronger by carrying heavy things. The heavier, the stronger we become!

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