Baler Travel Guide 2018

Have you ever watched the movie “Baler” starring  Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales way back 2008? That’s the first time I fell in love with the name “Baler”. Without knowing where exactly it is, living miles and ocean away from this beautiful place, I said to myself that someday I will be visiting and appreciate it with my bare eyes. It is one of my favorite Filipino movies I watched and this is the kind of movie that any Filipino should watch and be proud of.

But back on the main topic of this article, I will be sharing with you a travel guide to Baler!

Knowing Baler:

Baler is a municipality and the capital of the province of Aurora, Philippines. Baler became famous becuse of the beaches perfect for surfing. I can say that their beach waves are crazy compared those I saw in La Union. So surfers would really love this place. It is 5-6 hour travel from Manila so a weekend trip is really possible.

How to get there?

  • Genesis Bus offers daily buses going to Baler from Cubao. Travel time is 6 to 7 hours and bus fare is around  P550
  • Joy Bus in Cubao as well offers deluxe trips to Baler. They have lazy boy chairs that will allow you to sleep comfortably on the non-stop trip. It includes blankets, snacks, a bus stewardess and a comfort room inside the bus. Fare is P750 and travel time is 5 hours. (For Genesis Transport and Joy Bus Schedule you can check it out here)
  • If you were not able to catch a bus that goes straight to Baler, riding a bus to Cabanatuan is another option. You can ride a bus (Victory Liner, Baliwag Transit, or Five Star) en route to Cabanatuan, fare is around P185, and ride another bus or van en route to Baler

Where to go in Baler?

You can easily go around Baler and visit its tourist attractions. You can hire a tricycle to visit these locations. Rate would be P800 for the whole day and P500 for half day. No worries it wouldn’t be hard for you to look for a tricycle that you can hire, almost all the drivers on the area would offer you for their service and will happily serve you as a guide.

  • Sabang Beach


Surfing is what makes Baler popular and this is where it happens. Make dance with the waves by learning surfing! One hour surfing session would cost P350 with personal instructor. If you only wish to rent a board that would only cost P200 per hour.

  • Century-Old Balete Tree 

It is located in Maria Aurora, a town next to Baler. It is a 600 year old Balete tree tagged as the “Millenial Tree” of our country. The size of its diameter is as big as 30 people hold hand by hand formed on a circle. You can go inside the tree, on its cave-like sections and take selfies.

  • Museo de Baler and Aurora Ancestral House

With an entrance fee of P30 you can go and learn the rich history of Baler. The museum mostly displayed historical pictures, memorabilia and artifacts from Spanish time. It displays as well the costume and awards earned by the movie “Baler” last 2008 MMFF. Across the street you can visit the Ancestral House of Aurora, First Lady of the Philippines from 1935-1944, which is already included on your entrance fee.

  • Baler Church

Located just in front of the Aurora Ancestral House, this small church is rich in history since it served as the site of the “Siege of Baler”. 54 Spaniards were trapped inside the church on 1898 who believed that Philippines is still under the Spanish colonization. It took 11 months for them to finally surrender.

  • Ermita Hill

You need to do trekking in visiting this place. Upon reaching the top it will provide you the scenic view of the town. This place served as a safe place for people who experienced tsunami on the area back in 1735.

  • Diguisit Beach

This is  beach where you can find a lot of rock formations and islets. You can have a view of this in one of the resorts on the area with their corresponding entrance fees but there is a viewpoint where you can go for free. The drivers are very much familiar with the place so you can ask them to drop you on the viewpoint with no entrance fee. Near the Diguisit beach is the Diguisit falls which you can visit long the way.

Other tourist spots you can visit:

  • Ditumabo Falls or Mother falls
  • Ampere Beach
  • Discalarin cove
  • Hanging Bridge

Where to eat in Baler?

  • The Rolling Store

It’s much like a line of “Karinderya” that offers home cooked foods in affordable prices. It is located in Poblacion, Baler near the Museo De Baler.

  • Ram’s Tapsilog

They offer Silog dishes at a very affordable price. We tried their tapa and sisig for breakfast. A very good meal to start your day.

  • The Good Food


Located in Buton St. near the Sabang Beach, this restaurant serves Mexican and Filipino food choices, We tried their pork chop and cheese quesadilla. Bad thing, we didn’t tried their buritos and tacos which often recommended on their reviews online. Maybe next time when we get back!