Discover Bataan: Sinagtala Farm Resort and Adventure Park Travel Guide

The Province of Bataan is a land that attracts tourists with their rich heritage, beautiful landscapes and splendid beaches. It’s a one stop province where you could enjoy each of these attractions without spending too much time traveling as you can reach it by land from Manila for about 2-3 hours or through ferry from Manila for about an hour. The first time I’ve been to Bataan was few years back when I attended the graduation of my brother in Mariveles, Bataan but unfortunately, I was not able to go around and check attractions. So for my second visit, I decided to finally discover what Bataan has to offer and visited Sinagtala Farm and Adventure Park for a weekend of fun, relaxation and adventure.

Knowing Sinagtala

Sinagtala Farm Resort and Adventure Park is a mountain resort found within the Bataan National Park and probably, the most scenic resort you could find in the province. Aside from the scenic views of nature, the resort also has a lot of good vantage points where you could get a nice view of Mt. Arayat and Pampanga down below. Located at Tala Rd., Orani, Bataan and can be reached after a 2-hour drive from Manila, it is a good place for family gatherings, team buildings or simply taking a break from the chaotic jungled city.

How to get there?

From Manila, ride a bus bound to Mariveles (fare is Php 259) and drop off at Orani Town (tell the driver that you’ll be dropping off at Orani across Petron Gas Station). From there, ride a tricycle that will take you directly to Sinagtala Farm Resort (Fare is Php 250/tricycle).

Entrance Fees and Accommodations in Sinagtala

Day tour rates in Sinagtala varies depending on the day you are visiting. It’s Php 400/pax from Monday to Thursday and Php 550/pax for Fridays to Sunday and holidays. Picnic huts, tables and decks are also available for rent. Here’s the updates rates of the following as of October 2023: (Photos are from official Facebook page of Sinagtala Adventure Park)

Accommodations in Sinagtala for overnight stays are privately owned and operated. You have to contact respective properties for availability of their rooms and accommodations. If you book an overnight stay, there’s no need for you to pay for an entrance fee anymore. Here is the list of the accommodations you may choose from depending on your preference or what will work for you and your group:

The Beacon House and Cabanas


Mobile: 0935.774.6007  

Facebook: Beacon House and Cabanas at Sinagtala Farm


Bituin Sa Tala


Facebook: Bituin Sa Tala


The Duyan House and Villas


Mobile: 0917.739.6241  0998.863.4963  0995.411.3615 

Facebook: The Duyan House at Sinagtala Farm & Adventure Park


The Labuyo Villas

Email Bookings: 

Facebook: Labuyo Villas at Sinagtala Farm Resort & Adventure Park


Murakami Sinagtala


Mobile: 0915.201.6689 / 0949.801.7471

Facebook: Murakami Sinagtala – Murakami Smart House


Tanawin BNB

Mobile: 0927.133.7984 or 0950.484.4968 


Facebook: Tanawin BNB


Tampay sa Sinagtala


Mobile: 0925.707.1715 0917.549.6686  

Facebook: Tampay sa Sinagtala


Campo Tala

Facebook: Campo Tala

Murakami Sinagtala
Tanawin BNB
Duyan House at Sinagtala (Photo from their official FB page)

Infinity Pools

My favorites on this resort are their majestic infinity pools! You can definitely see yourself enjoying all day dipping in their huge pools with a breathtaking view of nature and Mt. Arayat as your backdrop. Currently, they have two infinity pools and one lagoon pool. Take a look above on the snaps we took and see yourself how it is therapeutic to just even dip on these pools.

Adventure Park


It is not just a resort but also an adventure park, so you will definitely have a lot of extreme activities you can try during your visit. If you are looking for adrenaline rush and always up to challenges, these activities below are for you to grab.

  • Sky Bridge – Php 100
  • Sky Bike – Php 200
  • Sky Swing – Php 200
  • Sky Zipline – Php 350
  • Kart Track – Php 30 for 10 minutes

Here is the list of the combo package for the activities:


Café and Restaurants

You don’t have to worry about food sources here in the resort as there are couple of restaurants/café that you could visit. There’s even a sari-sari store inside for even cheaper options and where you can also buy toiletries if you forget to bring some. For our two-night stay, we’ve been to Sinagtala Café for couple of times to just order and savor their taro ice cream that eventually became our personal favorite.


I decided to visit Sinagtala in Bataan to relax and breathe away from all the stress and I can definitely say that it helped me a lot to recover. Just being close to the nature and the serenity that this place can offer, it will really help someone to cope up and embrace the goodness life has to offer. It is a therapeutic trip that you could also experience once you decided to go. I also suggest to book for at least 2 night stay so you could savor the moment and enjoy all the activities served right in front of you.

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