Jomax Peak Travel Guide: A Sanctuary Found In Don Salvador Benedicto

For this year’s celebration of my birthday, it took me a while to decide where I would be spending my few days of vacation leaves to set as my celebration of being a year older. I wanted to be in Sagada, visit my relatives in Albay or experience Bohol on my own but all those choices were all went down with the decision of booking for a plane ticket back home in Iloilo and just spend a 2-day trip in Bacolod. It was actually a good decision as I can see my family back on my hometown which is Iloilo and still visit new places in Negros Island to still keep up on my yearly tradition.

I lived in Iloilo for seven straight years but I haven’t stepped my feet on the island of Negros which is just more than an hour away from Iloilo City. So to start my series of blogs for this Bacolod/Negros trip, here’s a travel guide that you can check when visiting Jomax Peak.

Knowing Jomax Peak:

For the past few years, I’ve been seeing photos of Jomax Peak online and since then it started to get my attention. Jomax Peak is a picnic and camping ground located in the highlands of Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental. It is a perfect spot to encounter ‘sea of clouds’ during habagat or monsoon season.  Imagine yourself sitting on its veranda with a mountain view and sea of clouds right in front of you. It will be definitely a must view to see. I am sure you can truly enjoy the place especially Jomax Peak doesn’t have the crowd. They limit their guests and doesn’t accept walk-ins. Everyone who wished to visit the place needs to have a reservation through their website.

How to get to Jomax Peak?

From Iloilo

Take a ferry or fast craft from Iloilo City that will take you to Bacolod. Fast craft fare will be around P275 for economy while it may cost you around P325 for tourist (aircon). Travel time may take around 1.5 hours. Upon arriving in Bacolod port, ride a tricycle going to South Terminal and fare will be P40 each. On South Terminal ride a bus bound to San Carlos via Don Salvador Benedicto. Just tell the driver that you are heading to Jomax Peak and drop you off on Brgy. Kumaliskis. Fare will be P85 and travel time is around 1.5 hours.

From Bacolod

If you will be coming from Bacolod just follow the same instruction once arrived in South Terminal.

Rates and Accommodation:

Since Jomax Peak doesn’t cater walk-in guests, all visitors must book a reservation through their official website. Here’s the website link. Check the availability of your preferred date and once booked, payment details will be provided. Payment can only be done through Palawan Express. A reservation code will be given for payment validation once payment has been done.

Here’s the rate as of October 2019:

Tuesday to Friday

Day Tour (9am-4pm)

Sun Shade- P750 (5 guests)

Veranda Shade- P1500 (10 guests)

Pavilion- P2,250 (15 guests)

Wholeday exclusive use- P8000 (guests)

Overnight camp (4pm-8am)

Overnight camp outside structures- P1000 (5 guests)

Overnight camp with exclusive camping grounds- P3,500 (15 guests)

Overnight camp exclusive use of all structure- P7000 (15 guests)

Saturday- Sunday

Day Tour (9am-4pm)

Sun Shade- P1000 (5 guests)

Veranda Shade- P1750 (10 guests)

Pavilion- P2500 (15 guests)

Whole day exclusive use- P12000 (35 guests)

Overnight camp (4pm-8am)

Overnight camp outside structures- P1000 (5 guests)

Overnight camp with exclusive camping grounds- P3,500 (15 guests)

Overnight camp exclusive use of all structure- P8000 (15 guests)

*In addition for inclusive number of guests, a fee of P150/head for day tour and P200/head for overnight camp will be required.

*Half day exclusive photo or video shoot rate is P3000 inclusive of 15 guests. (Mondays only)

Getting around Jomax Peak:

What I love about Jomax Peak is its serenity and exclusiveness. There’s no crowd that can limit you in enjoying and appreciating the beauty of the place. It’s main attraction would probably its public veranda where you can sit right across a mountain range while taking a sip of their unli native coffee. From there, you can hear the birds chirping, the heavy flow of a waterfall nearby and just reconnects you with the nature. Every side of the public veranda is effortless beautiful perfect for a travel photo. You can play around every side of the deck for a photo spot. I even sit on the railings which I don’t recommend as it can be dangerous.

When we arrived on the place, the other groups were almost leaving so we were left and had the place all by ourselves together with their few staffs. So aside from the shade we rented, we are free to go around the other shades such as the pavilion and veranda shade. We had the chance to roam around the area and took photos on our own pace.

The entrance fee that we paid for is already inclusive of unli drink of their in house native coffee and free use of their small swimming pool. Aside from being a picnic and camping ground, Jomax Peak is a flower sanctuary as well so the place is full of blooming flowers.

The place is clean and well-maintained complete with amenities. They also offer food choices that they can cook upon request for P70-P150.

Jomax Peak is located as well few meters or kilometers away from other tourist attractions such as Malantan-og falls and viewing deck, Stonepeak café and Café La Guada.

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