Roxas City, Capiz Day Trip: The Ruins of Alcatraz + The Edge of Roxas City

I would like to start this article by saying “No, Capiz is not a home of aswangs or a terrifying creature of our Philippine folklore”. Capiz is a province in the northeastern part of Panay Island known to be the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”. Aside from its delectable fresh seafoods, the province is home of some historical landmarks, beaches and caves. I got a chance to have a quick day trip to Roxas City, the capital city of Capiz, during my last visit in my hometown in Iloilo. It’s about a 2 hour drive away from the City of Iloilo, so a daytrip to the city would be really possible. I got a chance to visit the famous Ruins of Alcatraz and The Edge of Roxas City, so here’s a DIY trip guide you can follow.

How to get to Roxas?

From Iloilo, ride a bus bound to Roxas City from Tagbak Bus Terminal. Upon drop off on Pueblo Panay Roxas Terminal, you can ride a tricycle to drop you off in any point in Roxas.

From Manila, there are daily direct flight from Manila going to Roxas City.

Ruins of Alcatraz

We ride a tricycle upon drop off at the bus terminal, we told the driver that we wish to visit both the Ruins of Alcatraz and The Edge of Roxas City. The driver offered us to stopped by the ruins first, then he’ll wait for us so he can drop us off in Culasi Port where The Edge is located. A pretty much convenient deal we can’t hold out against.

No entrance fee is being solicited in the ruins but there’s a minimal parking fee if you have a vehicle/tricycle with. The Ruins of Alcatraz, located in Brgy. Culasi, Sitio Nipa, Roxas, City, is abandoned unfinished resort owned by Bermejo Family. It’s supposed to be a grand resort facing the seashore of Roxas but due to circumstances, it is remained deserted. The place and its weathered walls are so cinematic in sight that I can compare it to the set of Maze Runner. Perfect for cinematic photos and a perfect spot to be mesmerized by the shores of Roxas. They named the place Ruins of Alcatraz because the place and its vibe somehow resembles the famous prison island of Alcatraz.

Please be minded that there’s a lot of kids who will approach you upon entrance of the vicinity and offers you a tour of the area and take photos of you with the walls. Even you don’t say yes, they’ll still follow you around and insist. I don’t have issue with the kids offering this kind of services for extra income but it’s kind of annoying, that some kids get mad or ask for more if you didn’t give them enough (at least for them). They’ll demand you a hundred pesos or more by just tailing you for some time in the area. Lol

The Edge of Roxas City

From the Ruins of Alcatraz, we make our way to Culasi Port. From there, you have to walk/trek for around 10 minutes to reach The Edge of Roxas City. Just ask the locals on the area, and you’ll surely make your way without getting lost. The place has a Bali-inspired view and a good place to unwind and relax. I would say, the place is photo worthy with the swing as my favorite spot.

Unfortunately, when we visit The Edge they are not serving any food yet so we just take our time to relax and appreciate the view from this point. There’s a lot of food place to try also in Roxas, from seafood place up to hip restaurants and café along Baybay beach. Upon trekking down back in Culasi Port, we ride a tricycle bound along Baybay Beach and have a lunch at The Shack Coffee + Boards. This food hub serves a variety of foods, coffee and shakes in a reasonable price. I like the vibe of this place plus the fact that it has a view of the sea right in front of you.

Photo at The Shack Coffee + Boards

This was just a quick trip to this city and I wish to come again someday to explore more of this province.

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