Wulai DIY Travel Guide: Wulai Falls + Wulai Old Street + Yun Hsien Resort

Want to experience a nature trip near Taipei City? Wulai got you covered! Wulai is a district nestled in the lush mountains south of New Taipei City that offers natural exquisiteness of its hot springs, river flowing on its valleys, waterfalls, old street and even a scenic gondola ride to a mountain resort settled on top of a waterfall! Another catch, you can experience all these in just one day. A day trip to Wulai district is possible as it is just an hour away from Taipei City.  Here are the things that we did during our last DIY trip to Wulai.

How to get there?

From Taipei, make your way to MRT station and ride a train that will take you to Xindian Station (Green Line). Outside Xindian station, wait for Bus 849 that will take you directly to Wulai (last stop).

Wulai Old Street

Upon drop off at the last bus stop in Wulai, we make our way to Wulai Old Street and just like any other old streets in Taiwan, it is full of food stalls and souvenir shops. A trip wouldn’t be complete without a food trip so it is a perfect place to grab some bite before starting your nature journey to Wulai. At the end of the street, you have to pass through Lansheng Bridge. It is a bridge with glass flooring on the side that spans across Nanshi River. Water flowing in the river beneath is already music in one’s ears.

Wulai Log Cart

Wulai Log Cart ticket prices (as of April 2024)

At the end of the bridge, just follow the sign that will take you to the Wulai Log Cart terminal also known to many as the Wulai Scenic Train. This is probably what I am excited most about on this trip as I’ve seen these colorful trains many times online and I badly wanted to ride one. This rail cart was originally designed by the Japanese government to transport logs until it was rebuilt to transport passengers or tourists. Fare is 50 NTD per way that will take you from the Wulai stop to the Waterfall stop and vice versa.

Wulai Falls

Upon reaching the Waterfall stop, you have to walk for a few meters to see the majestic Wulai Falls. This is perhaps the main and most iconic attraction of Wulai district. This waterfall is about 80 meters high is such a breath of fresh air that you can’t stop yourself from mesmerizing it. There’s a platform in the view deck area where you can take photos with the falls for no fee. There are also a lot of café in the area where you could sit back, relax and enjoy the view of the falls as your backdrop.


Inside the cable car going to Yun Hsien Resort
Passing through the top of Wulai Falls

The most thrilling part of this trip is riding the Gondola to get into Yun Hsien Resort which is a nature resort located above the Wulai Falls. Yes, you read it right! It is located on top of the waterfall and only accessible by gondola. Actually, I am a bit scared riding this since I have a fear of heights but who would miss the chance to have a scenic trip on top of a waterfall in his/her lifetime? The Gondola ride costs us 300 NTD each, which already includes a 2-way cable car ride and the entrance to the resort. The ride would only take about less than 5 minutes but my heart pounds out of scare and amusement as I can see how high we are through its glass flooring but at the same time, how fascinating it is to see the beauty of Wulai Falls above it.

Cable Car Operating Hours:

Weekdays – 09:00 to 17:00

Weekends – 09:00 to 17:30

Yun Hsien Resort

Yun Hsien Resort went beyond my expectations. Not only it is located on top of the Wulai Falls but the fact that it is situated in a cloud forest with diverse flora and fauna make it even more fascinating. The resort is quite huge that it requires a lot of walking to get around its facilities. There are a lot of activities you can do inside the resort such as boating, archery, ecological tours and even firefly watching every summer. The resort’s cooler ambiance and nature’s natural sounds are a perfect source of one’s calmness and enjoyment. Visiting Yun Hsien Resort is one of my memorable trips, calm yet magical.

Going back to Taipei

Basically, you just have to go through the same means when going back. Ride the same cable car going down and make your way again back to the Wulai Log cart terminal. Upon reaching the Wulai log station, walk again back to the Wulai Old Street until you reach the bus stop (Bus 849) to go back to Xindian Station.


We enjoyed our day trip in Wulai district and will definitely recommend this trip to you guys! There are more things to do in Wulai that we would try next time we visit such as visiting a hot spring and seeing cherry blossoms in full bloom during its season. It is also recommended to have a DIY trip to enjoy the place at your own pace. The commute trip is easy as we all know how convenient Taiwan’s transportation system is. Visit Wulai in your next Taiwan trip!

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