Life’s Little Adventures

When I am still studying and used to attend private school, I would have classmates who would happily tell stories of their holiday and summer break adventures. They would tell how they happily spent holidays on their provinces, swim their hearts out on the white sands of Boracay or even enjoyed the culture they found in Dubai. My role would always be the listener since I barely have any adventures to tell. I just spent most of my time at home during the holidays. I would usually spent time in front of a television crying and laughing towards a local TV shows, do laundry every weekends, cooks food from breakfast to dinner and the cycle repeats the next day. I don’t came from a well off family who affords to go on a yearly vacation trip but teaches me to be happy whether how small or big the blessings that would come along the way.
As time passes by, my thought of having an adventure would always depend on money and air trips, changed. I realized that small trips will always be a life changing escapades. I realized that it is okay to have a long distance walk just to enjoy a beautiful view for free. It is okay to attend a class getaway with an exact fare on your pocket two towns away from your home. It is okay to hitch a ride for free to lessen your expenses. It is okay to skip unnecessary meals for a month and save some penny from your school allowance to have a taste of a beach experience. A five thousand peso trip can be equally happy on a three hundred peso trip. A good adventure will always depends on you and the people you spent the time with and on how you let those little adventures change your life little by little.
Life is not always meant for travelling and escapades but it is meant for having a first hand experience of life’s unexpected wonders.

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