Mapols Farm Guide: More Than Just A Farm In Pototan, Iloilo

Mapols Farm is a recreational and Instagram worthy place for those who wants to experience what it feels like to have a farm life. Situated few kilometers away from Pototan proper and 30-40 minutes away from Iloilo City, it started to invite tourists who wants to relax and have a quick getaway from the city.

How To Get There?

From Iloilo City, ride a jeepney going to Tagbak Terminal then ride another jeepney bound to Pototan. Upon arriving in Pototan town proper, charter a tricycle that would take you to Mapols Farm.

Getting Around Mapols Farm:

Upon entering the farm you have to pay for a P20 entrance fee on the entrance point that serves as well as their café. On their café, they offer organic foods and beverages that’s made of ingredients fresh from their own farm goods which is a good way of supporting their “local farmers”. Getting around the vicinity is quite easy. There would be lot of places for your photos that you can choose. There are bamboo cottages, tables, farmhouse and gazebo that you can rent.

The entry point where you have to pay the entrance fee
Mapols Farm Cafe

But what tourists are lining up now on the farm is the chance of getting up on what they called “Pugad” or giants nests and take pictures on it. There are four giant nests which they call accordingly; Pugad Uno, Pugad Dos, Pugad Tres and Pugad Cuatro. Each nests requires additional ticket that would cost you P10 each.

Pugad Cuatro
Entrance ticket to "pugad"
The heart shaped "Pugad" Tres

Another attraction is their giant swing that would cost another fee of P50. They also have Century-old Mango tree that has a tree house at the top, a “papag” that can be rented, a man-made kiddie pool, a fish pond, a sari-sari store and a lot of playing area perfect for the kids!

The Century Old Mango Tree
Mapols Farm very own sari-sari store

Additional Information To Know:

·         The farm is located in Brgy. Bagacay, Pototan, Iloilo.

·         Mapols Farm is open from 9am-6pm during weekdays and 9am-7pm during weekends.

·         Entrance fee for sightseeing is P20 and additional fees can be charged for other attractions.

·         For other questions you can directly contact them through their Facebook page here.

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