Mt. Kalugong Travel Guide: Journey On Its Eco Park and Cafe (Updated 2022)

It was my second time around Baguio City and I wanted to visit a place less known by tourists in order to relax and be stunned by a beauty that awaits me on this ‘hidden’ sanctuary. Mt. Kalugong Cultural Village didn’t failed me and actually go beyond my expectation. It is one of the highlight of my Baguio/Benguet trip and I can’t wait to share with you the beauty that awaits you on this place.

Knowing Mt. Kalugong:

They named the place ‘Mt. Kalugong’ because “kalugong” is a local term for ‘hat’ and the rock formations on the peak looks like a hat when you’re down the valley. The place which is located in Brgy. Tawang, La Trinidad is well-known for its rock formations on the top of the mountain with an overlooking view of La Trinidad, Benguet.

How To Get To Mt. Kalugong:

From Baguio City, ride a jeepney bound to Tomay/Camp Dangwa. Jeepney terminal is located in front of Baguio City Hall and it’s the same jeepneys going to Strawberry farm. Just ask the driver to drop you off on the road or jump off going to Mt. Kalugong. Fare is P12.00 each. (Updated fare as of November 2022 is P17.00 each)

Once dropped in Kalugong road located in Brgy. Cruz you need to hike on a very steep road before reaching the eco park. Hiking might take around 30 minutes but it depends on your pace.

Jump off point to Mt. Kalugong Cultural Village

Journey To Mt. Kalugong:

Since there is road that lead to the eco park you can use your car going up if hiking is not your thing but be careful as the road is so steep and narrow. From the drop off point in  Kalugong road, hiking my take around 20-30 minutes before reaching the registration point of Mt. Kalugong Cultural Village. I was not on my proper hiking get up when we decided to climb that’s why it took us more time before reaching it. The rain just stopped, I was wearing pants and a pair of boots and I was forced to hike on a muddy trail just to reach the registration. Registration fee is P100 per person. 

The cemented road in Kalugong Road
Trail upon entering Mt. Kalugong Eco Park

After the registration, there are two roads to take. The trail on the right will lead you to the rock formations and café while the trail on the left will lead you to the park where picnic tables and huts are located. We decided to take the trail on the right first. The trail going up is well-managed as they put tires as stairs but it can still be tricky especially during rainy days as it can be very muddy. You can reach the peak in about 15 minutes from the registration point. Upon reaching the peak you will be amazed by a lot of striking rock formations with an overlooking view of the strawberry farms and local houses of La Trinidad. It’s very risky to take pictures on top of rock formations but if you’re careful and brave enough you could have great shots with its perfect view. For my case, I didn’t took too much risky photos on the rock formations because as what I mentioned earlier I was on my boots and having a hard time walking on the muddy and rocky areas (lol).

*Updated (March 2022)

Upon reaching the entrance of Mt. Kalugong Cultural Village, take the path to the left as the right path now leads to Tayawan View Deck. You will take an ascent trail heading to the registration point. Registration is now located on the park where picnic tables and huts are located. Trekking to the rock formation may take you another 10 minutes.

Tires used as stairs going up
One of the rock formations
Rock formations with overlooking view of La Trinidad
You can play with angles to take photos with the rock formations

After you’re done with all the picture taking and appreciating the beauty of the rock formations, you could stay on their newly-built café. It is just beside the rock formations and I highly recommend it! For me, it could be one of the highpoint of your visit on the place aside from seeing the rock formations. The cafe is so beautiful and can give you the ambiance of a traditional cabin. It is a perfect place to relax, feel the cold breeze of Benguet while taking a sip of their in-house coffee! The café has its own viewing deck as well to appreciate the beauty of La Trinidad from above.

Inside Mt. Kalugong Kape-an
Salted Caramel Frappe for P145
Engketileng Jen Tsokoleyt (Iced Chocolate) for P95
Overlooking view of strawberry farm and houses from the cafe view deck
Updated menu with prices as of March 2022

Back on the registration point, you can take the road to the left that would take you to the park. On the park you could see picnic tables, traditional huts, swings, overnight stay accommodations and other amenities perfect for family bonding. There’s lot of pine trees as well on the area that I can compare with the view I saw in Camp John Hay. Since there are only few people visiting the place, it is suitable place to unwind and get away from the crowd of more known attractions.

Picnic tables which is free for use

Additional Information:

  • Kalugong Cultural Village is located in Brgy. Tawang but drop off point is on Brgy. Cruz, La Trinidad.
  • Kalugong Café/Kape-an is open from 7am to 6pm and no bystanders allowed.
  • Entrance fee is P100 and P80 for Senior and PWDs.
  • If you have further inquiries, you can contact them directly on their facebook pages. Here’s the link: Mt. Kalugong Cultural Village Mt. Kalugong Kape-an/ Cafe

What are you waiting for? Visit Mt. Kalugong and be stunned by the beauty that awaits you.

Additional Photos From Our Recent Visit March 2022


  1. How long will it take in total if you go up and down starting from the drop off point? Thanks.

  2. Hello. ano ang sasakyan when you need to go back to Baguio city proper?

    • Pagbalik niyo po sa jump off sa Brgy. Cruz, may mga jeep po doon pabalik/pababa ng Baguio Proper. You can ask the drivers na lang po saan kayo bababa 🙂

  3. How much ch to stay overnight in a hut? And is it possible to make reservations?

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