BenCab Museum Travel Guide: Visiting A Scenic Museum

BenCab Museum is one of the most scenic museums I’ve ever been to. It’s in the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana” that I first saw the museum and after few years I finally had the chance to see this iconic museum of the country. The museum is owned by our National Artist, Benedicto Cabrera, and this is where he showcases his artworks highlighting the rich art of the Cordilleras. Bencab Museum is located on Km. 6 Asin Rd, Tuba, Benguet about 15 minutes away from Baguio City.

How To Go To BenCab Museum:

In Baguio City, ride a jeepney bound to Asin Rd. Jeepney terminal is located on Kayang Road near Baguio Market. Fare will be P11 and travel time may take around 15 minutes.

General Information:

  • BenCab Museum is open from Tuesday-Sunday 9am-6pm (last entry would be 5:30pm)
  • The museum is close every Monday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
  • Taking pictures with flash and video recording is not allowed.
  • Entrance fees: P150- General Admission, P120- Student with valid ID, P100- Senior Citizens or PWDs with valid government ID

Getting Around BenCab Museum:

BenCab Museum's facade along Asin Rd.

The museum is a four-storey museum underlining several galleries. Each storey has its own viewdeck where you can appreciate the beauty of the forest surrounding the vicinity.

BenCab Gallery– This gallery features BenCab’s own artworks and collections for more than four decades in the art industry.

Museum's viewdeck where you can enjoy the nature's view

Cordillera Gallery– This gallery showcases artifacts and items of the indigenous people of the Cordilleras. It also displays the artist’s collection of “bulol” or “Ifugao Rice God” which is a human like figure made of wood to guard rice crops.

Erotica Gallery– This gallery displays art works in form of paintings, sculptures, and drawings with erotic theme. As the advisory reads before entering the said gallery: “This gallery contains works with imagery that may be offensive to minors and certain individuals”.

Philippine Contemporary Art Gallery– This gallery highlights BenCab’s collection of paintings, sculptures and other artworks by other Filipino artists.

Wag mong damdamin ang mga bagay dahil ang mga bagay ay walang damdamin

On the museums lowest level, you will find Café Sabel which is the museum’s in house restaurant. I love their chic and colorful interior. It is a good place to sit back, relish their foods while feeding your soul with the beautiful overlooking view of their garden, pond and mini forest.

There are available seats as well outside Cafe Sabel
Museum's garden, pond and gazebo
Museum from the garden area

BenCab Museum Eco-Trail Tour:

BenCab Museum offers an eco-trail tour which is basically a walking tour that passes through BenCab’s organic farm and gardens, waterfalls and greenhouses with herbs and vegetables. Along the tour you will be seeing indigenous Ifugao huts, a hanging bridge to pass Sallipan river and enjoy its forested mountain.

You have to pay an additional P150 to avail the eco-trail tour. P120 for students, P100 for Senior Citizens and PWDs and a guide fee of P100 per group of 15 or less.

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