Ili-likha Artist Village: A Food and Art Hub In Baguio City

Aside from visiting the strawberry farms and enjoying the cold breeze of Baguio City while walking on Session Road, a Baguio itinerary wouldn’t be complete without a food trip! And if you wanna try something new then Ili-likha Artist Village is the perfect place for you.

About Ili-likha Artist Village:

Ili-likha Artist Village also known as “Ili-likha Artists’ Wateringhole” was conceptualized by film director, Eric De Guia or known as “Kidlat Tahimik”. It is a food hub where good food and art collides. It is located along Assumption Road in Baguio City just near the Session Road so it’s very accessible if you’re just staying within the city proper.

What To Expect:

When we were walking along Assumption Road we almost missed the place as the entrance is not too visible or almost “hidden” along the way and you wouldn’t imagine that this small entrance will actually lead you to something delightful world.

Ili-likha Artist Village's entrance

Upon entering the vicinity, you will feel like entering another world, a very beautiful and imaginative world. The place is like a tree house with few floors and paths or holes that will lead you to its different food stalls. The entire place is made of overgrown trees, recycled materials such as woods, steels, tiles, a wall that is made of glass bottles, Ifugao sculptures, and many more that you couldn’t imagine. Those materials are perfectly put up together to make a very artistic place. The place is such an oasis that I couldn’t put on words on how I can fully describe it so I highly recommend for you to pay a visit and witness its creativeness by yourself.


We arrived on the place around 11am and not all of its stalls were already open and there were few people which is a good thing because you can appreciate it more and enjoy its serene ambiance with less people. Ili-likha Artist Village offers various food choices, promotes healthy living and affordable food choices.

Here are the foods we tried:

Quesadilla and fries for P150
Bellychon from Balbacua
This is from Cafe Cueva
Mango smoothie from Lihim ni Maria

After we enjoyed our food, we took the opportunity to go around and see more of its hidden exquisite. Since the place was designed on a very arty way, there are path walks and staircases that you wouldn’t imagine will take you to another chamber or facility of the area.

Here are some of the snaps I took around the hub:


We had our recent trip to Baguio this 2023 and here’s the list of food stalls you may try: Cafe Cueva, Copper Fusion, Waynu, Kapi Kullaaw, and Leandro’s Bistro.

Carbonara and Bacon Slab & Egg Rice Meal of Leandro's Bistro
Ongoing expansion of Ili-likha Artists' Wateringhole

Additional Information:

Location: #32 Assumption Road, Brgy. Kabayanihan, Baguio City

Business Hours: 10am-6pm

Facebook page link: Click Here 

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