Lost But Trust Me, You’ll Be Found

Did it ever happened to you that you woke up one morning and suddenly felt lost? For so many years you thought you had your life figured out and you led your life towards the path you always dream of walking on but then within that morning you opened your eyes, the wind blows entirely the other way. Your heart and mind are nowhere to be found and you completely lost your sense of direction.

Feeling empty, confused and unhappy is okay. It’s a feeling that we have to go through in order to be full, precise and genuinely happy again. Think of yourself as a moon, it needs to go different phases for a month in order to be full again and it’s fullness shines so bright beautifully even on the darkest nights. So no matter how empty you are right now, you will go through phases and can still be the light someone is waiting to shine on their darkest times. So prepare yourself to shine.

Not gripping on your sense of direction can be hard for someone who always visions his desires but think about all the possibilities life has to offer. You’ll be touching the lives of thousands or even millions of people a lifetime, there’s a lot of coffee to try in the tiny coffee shops of your hometown, there are plenty of white beaches to visit on your country and there are thousands of languages being spoken across the globe that we can hear by ourselves when traveling. There are so many dreamy things that will come our way as long as we believe. So prepare yourself to believe.

You might be extremely sad having your heart broken by someone. You might be feeling belittle because of a neighbor who judges you for not earning enough. You might be crying over the night because you can’t leave a job that you hate but feeds your entire family. You might be in the middle of a decision of either going forward or giving up. Regardless of how sad or how you push yourself to the inch of giving up, always remember that you will be fine someday. It might not be today or by tomorrow but I truly believe that you will. So prepare yourself to trust because someone still believes in you.

I am proud of you because you are still here, you’re lost but still living and trying to figure things out again despite all. It’s okay not to get all the answers to your questions today. You’ll be found again, someday. Don’t lose heart until then.

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