I Keep Moving Forward And I Thank Myself For That

Dear self,

I know how hard it is to live on a world where struggles always arises out of the blue. You don’t let those obstacles torn you down. Your problems seems to be strong but I thank you for being stronger.

I know how frustrating it is for not getting all your dreams in life. I know how sad it is every night to think how far you still have to walk on your journey towards your wildest dreams but I thank you for not giving up.

I know how you cry when people starts to hurt your feelings, judge you and simply disagree with the way you wanted to live. It’s disappointing how many of us still believes with a certain standard setup by the community but I thank you for surviving.

I know how difficult it is to keep moving forward when the world around you starting to fill in with so much hate but I am proud of you and I thank you for still choosing love amid the uncertainty.

I know how you always feel inferior because of the people who are always trying to pull you down. Regardless how good you’ve shown to them they still have anything bad to say but I thank you for growing instead of feeling belittle.

I know how you struggle with every mistakes you didn’t wished to happen. Mistakes might be a result of your weaknesses but a single mistake should not define you and I thank you for learning from it and by just being a stronger version of yourself.

Lastly, thank you for always saving yourself when everyone else is busy saving their own lives too. I will always love you and I will never get tired of showing how thankful I am to you.

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