Things Learned By A Twenty-Something Young Woman

1. Some of the most beautiful lessons in life are learned in a hard way.

We have to fall and get hurt to grow. We have to know the feeling of being deprived to acquire more. Always remember that the world’s precious stones such as diamonds are made under pressure.

2. Don’t follow the crowd, follow your heart.

Living our lives depending on other people’s opinion is such a nonsense ideology. If you keep on living a life and making decisions based on other people’s judgements, think twice and imagine how happier it could be if you just let yourself to be you. At the end of the day, you don’t need to please anyone and you don’t need anyone’s approval.

3. Chasing your dreams is not as easy as it seems.

Before graduating from college, most of us tend to think that they are almost on their way to the top of their dreams but after graduation and stepping to the world of employment that’s where the real game starts. You’ll realize that school grades won’t really matter and what matters most is your actions.

4. Money can buy you things but it can’t buy life’s precious things.

Getting a lot of money is pretty much what everyone wants nowadays but have you imagined how it is more fulfilling to have a good relationship with your family and friends than having a hundred dollar shoes? Material things can give us happiness within the next few hours but a happy relationship, peace of mind, love and trust are some of the thoughts that will keep us in the long run.

5. Mistakes won’t define who you are.

Who among us doesn’t make any mistakes? It’s okay to be wrong, it’s okay to be on the wrong side of the road and it is okay not to win an argument because of having an imprecise rationale as long as you turn all the mistakes into something that will make you grow. Turn it into lessons, motivations, and wisdom. Don’t let one mistake stop you from getting all the possibilities in life.

6. Work hard and travel hard.

Your world doesn’t revolve on the four walls of your office. Some of life’s fulfilling experiences are somewhere outside of your normal view waiting for you to discover. Spontaneous airplane ride and long bus rides are some of life’s exciting escapades. Traveling will make you realize that the language you speak is not the only language that you’ll love hearing and the hometown you grew up in is not the only place that you will be happy seeing. You earn your salary at the office but traveling earns you life-changing experiences.

7. Choose who will be happy for you.

Your outlook, success and you as a being is pretty much made of the company you chose to be with. Surround yourself with positive people, someone who uplifts your drive and those who can be genuinely happy for you in every accomplishment you have, big or small. Those people are precious and worth keeping.

8. You will never go wrong for not giving up.

If one day you get up feeling tired and had no inspiration to do great, please do remember that it is okay. It’s okay to get tired and helpless. It’s okay to put things behind temporarily. It will always be okay as long as giving up will never be your option. Get a rest, build back your confidence, gather all the inspirations that went away and stand up as a better you. Keep in mind that you are loved and you will never go wrong for not giving up.

9. You are God’s unique creation and you are always capable of doing more.

Ever think about fitting in on a crowd then you realized you’re not part of it? Let it be and don’t force yourself. Narrow down the idea of fitting in and embrace the truth that you’re a special gem that can shine on its own. We may feel lost along our journey but we will be found eventually.

10. You don’t have to be rich in order to give.

Did you grasp the idea of how it is happier now to give than to receive? Anything you give to someone can make a great difference to him or her. It might be a small token for you but it could be the world for others. It is no longer about how rich or how much you have but it is now about how many drives you lift up and how many smiles you caused because of the kindness of your heart. You will never go poor by giving.

There are still so many things that I wanted to write down but in the meantime, I think these are the things I can share. Always remember that life will never get tired of giving us lessons and realizations as we go on with our journey. It might be tough, it might be something that can make you smile or might be something that you can cherish for the rest of your life but one thing is for sure, it didn’t happen just for no reason.

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