When It’s Okay Not To Follow Life’s Cliche

Did you ever stopped and wondered where are you now at this point of your life? You’re on your mid 20s and starts to feel pressured of fixing yourself and to be sure of who you should become before turning the age of 30. You feel a bit scared of not getting a man or a woman who would take good care of you and will eventually be your lifetime partner. You get a little heart attack thinking that your savings account has 50% less compare to a friend that earns lesser than you. You became worried believing that your friend who travelled more places than you will be a more fulfilling person than you.

Whether you’re on 20s, 30s or 40s, stopped thinking that you need to get something at a certain age. You can get anything regardless of your age as long as you put your heart on it. You can run your own company as young as 20 or as old as 45. You can work 8 hours a day for 10 years and eventually find a passion for writing and become a successful book author at the age of 35. Who knows? We can do things regardless of the number.

We tend to look desperately for love nowadays and let pressure gets in. Some people might marry a person he met for 6 months at the age of 40 or some might known a sweetheart since age 5 and marry her at the age 20 and be equally happy. Don’t let pressure finds love. Love will always finds you regardless of the number.

Money should not resembles success. Yes, money would let you buy a lot of material things but it won’t buy some of life’s precious things. Who knows the reason behind your lesser bank money? You might be a breadwinner or you have to pay your sister’s tuition fee. There are people who supports her family and still manage to save but there are people who only supports themselves and still struggles financially. Be happy to have money earned through hard work, regardless of the number.

You travel for the sake of people knowing that you’ve been there. NO. You should travel for the sake of yourself without leaving your pocket empty. You go places to fulfill your desire and learn from the experiences that follows. You don’t have to be better compared to other people, you should only be better from the person you were from yesterday. You post photos out of your own happiness. A travel trips are life changing moments, regardless of the number of places you’ve been.

Let’s stop giving ourselves limits and realize that it is okay not to follow life’s cliche. We are the authors of our own book. We are the writer of each chapter. And each book has their own storyline. How would you write yours? It’s up to you.

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