Fantasy World: An Abandoned Theme Park In Lemery, Batangas

I still remember me looking on the pages of my fairytale book and fascinates of becoming a princess that lives happily ever after. I think most of the children once dreamed of becoming a prince or princess that lives comfortably on a big castle. But no worries, you don’t need a passport, a visa or thousands worth of plane ticket, you can fulfill those childhood dreams by visiting Fantasy World in Lemery, Batangas! Though it is “abandoned”, the place is still dreamlike and it is just 3-4 hours away from Manila.

About Fantasy World

Fantasy World intended to be the Disneyland of the Philippines but due to the lack of funding of the Japanese owner, the medieval-themed park left unfinished up until today. It has four grand castle structure as main attraction that were meticulously designed just like those real century-old castles found in Europe as it attempted to be the grandest theme park of the  country.

It enchantingly stands in the middle of hill-like Brgy. Mayasang, Lemery, Batangas along Diokno highway far from the town proper that made it more fascinating.

The first time I saw this enchanting place was when I used to watch the GMA TV show “Majika”. The place really caught my attention and I can’t actually believe that my country has its own fairylike park that I can only see before in the pages of my fairytale book and on TV documentaries that showcases medieval castles in Europe. And I promised myself that someday, I would stand there and be my own version of a travelling princess.  

How to go to Fantasy World

Manila to Fantasy World

  • (Via Nasugbu)

Ride a bus bound to Nasugbu, Batangas and ask the conductor to drop you off on the ‘Boundary’ near the Nasugbu Arc then ride a Lemery bound jeepney that passes on the entrance of Fantasy World or simply chartered a tricycle that will take you directly to the Fantasy World but this could be pricey compared to riding a jeeney. 

  • (Via Lemery)

You can directly ride a bus bound to Lemery from Manila (LRT- Buendia or Cubao) but this is a longer route compared to the Nasugbu route. Upon arriving in Lemery Bus Terminal, ride a tricycle to “Boundary” (take note that this is a different boundary from the Nasugbu Arc) and take a jeepney that passes Brgy. Mayasang and ask to be dropped in front of Fantasy World. You can also chartered a tricycle from the Lemery town proper but then again, it can be pricey.

Tagaytay to Fantasy World

  • From Tagaytay (Olivarez), you can ride a bus or jeepney bound to Nasugbu. Ask the driver to drop you off on the boundary near the Nasugbu Arc. Upon reaching the boundary, you can either ride a Lemery bound jeepney or chartered a tricycle that will take you directly to Fantasy World.

Fantasy World Entrance Fee

Most people is still not aware that this abandoned theme park is open to the public that’s why tourists will simply take photos from afar but actually this place happily accepts visitors who wants to see the beauty behind its unfinished structures. Rate will be P1000 maximum of 10 pax so whether you are 10 in the group or less than that, you still have to pay P1000.

If you will be coming on lesser group then it will be better to wait for other groups on the entrance of the park to lessen your expenses. The park is open from 8AM to 5PM.

Getting Around Fantasy World

By just standing inside and staring on the castle-like structures will already leave you in admiration. You will imagine yourself walking on your own fairytale story but unlike other abandoned theme parks, Fantasy World is now being maintained by the homeowners association.

Before coming to this place, I was too worried that the park might give me eerie feeling but it is the other way around. The place is smoothly beautiful and every corner is perfect for IG-worthy photos.

One castle that serves as the main tower has a cafeteria where you can order food and has stairs that leads to the rooftop. Here you can enjoy a 360-degree view from above. The second castle standing was designed to be the church.

The other two castles were merely castle structures that are perfect for photoshoots. Fantasy World is now perfect for prenup and debut pictorials.

Main castle's rooftop
Inside one of the castles designed to be the church
Right in front of the main tower

Aside from its castle like structures, there are still rides installed on the area. Though, it is no longer operating you can still take photos on it.


Another main attraction of the Fantasy World is the two tree houses connected by a hanging bridge.


You will be seeing as well a beautiful fountain that is still operational perfect for a snapshot.

Other attraction is the Fantasy World maze, which is for me, is somewhat unfinished and no longer maintained. You can also rent fairytale costumes on the main tower near the cafeteria for P300 good for whole day.

Things to Know Before Going to Fantasy World

  • Bringing of foods are not allowed upon entering this park but there is a cafeteria inside if you wish to eat but food serving takes time.
  • There’s an additional P5000 fee if you wish to do photoshoots inside Fantasy World. This includes pre-wedding and pre-debut pictorials. 
  • This can be a sidetrip of your tagaytay trip or you can go beach swimming in Nasugbu or Lemery after visiting Fantasy World depending on your time and choice.

Have you been to Fantasy World? Share your experience below!


  1. Hi, Meghy

    Nice blog. You’ve inspired me to also bring my family to Fantasy World. Can you please tell me whether Fantasy World Batangas is open to the public currently, November 2022?

    Online info on this question is inconsistent. I would have been glad about your statement that it is really open despite many people assuming it is not, but your blog is undated, so I do not know if your info is true as of today.

    Thank you for the kindness of a prompt reply. It will be a joy to follow you on your wanderings!


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