Bolinao Travel Guide 2019: Places To Visit + Sample Itinerary + Budget

Bolinao is becoming known now by tourists who wants to relax for a while away in the busy city life. Located in the west coast of Luzon Island and northwestern tip of the Pangasinan province, this peaceful town has so much things to offer from white sand beaches to best-kept green waterfalls to enchanting hidden caves. For sure, it can be your next destination for your family and barkada getaway.

So here is a travel guide if you are planning to visit this majestic town!

How to go to Bolinao?

You can ride a bus from Cubao or Pasay (Victory Liner, Five Star, Dagupan Bus) bound to Bolinao, Pangasinan. Fare is P500 and travel time may take 6-7 hours.

See bus schedule of Victory Liner here

See bus schedule of Five Star here

How to get around Bolinao?

Tricycle drivers may ask you to pay P200-P300 for a one way trip from the town center to Patar where resorts, hotels and inns are located so it is advisable to hire a tricycle for your Bolinao Tour to lessen your expenses. One day tour would only cost you P1000 good for 3-4 pax.

Recommended Tour Guide/Tricycle Driver: Kuya Gerald/Eugene De Guzman 09104019061

Places to visit in Bolinao:

  • Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

It was constructed in the year 1905 and one of the well-known attraction nowadays in Pangasinan. Situated in Punta Piedra Point, it is one of the major lighthouses of our country and said to be the second tallest next to Cape Bojeador.

Entrance Fee: None

Facade of the lighthouse
  • Bolinao Falls 1,2,3

Bolinao is famous for their emerald-green waterfalls and these three waterfalls were named based on numbering system due to their nearness to each other.

Bolinao Falls 1 is the highest, perfect for adventure seekers who wants to try waterfall diving but the pool area is much smaller compared to the other two waterfalls but the deepest.

Bolinao Falls 1 with natural sunrays
Chasing waterfalls

Bolinao Falls 2 is perfect for kids due to the pool’s wide-open space that has many shallow areas. It is the shortest falls among the three but its wide-open space made it perfect for swimming.

Bolinao Falls 2

Bolinao Falls 3, as suggested by our tour guide, is the most beautiful among the three. It has the combined characteristics of Bolinao Falls 1 and 2. Though it is not as high as Bolinao Falls 1, many people still preferred to do waterfall jumping here. Its pool space is the widest but deeper than Bolinao Falls 2. You wouldn’t take your eyes off on its green to turquoise water.

Bolinao Falls 3

Entrance Fee: P20 per falls

  • Enchanted Cave

It is the most preferred cave to visit as suggested by our guide. Enchanted Cave Resort has various attractions but the main one is the cave itself. It is said that the resort was once part of the ocean making the place looks like a coral reef that emerge from the deep sea. Other popular caves are Wondeful Cave and Cindy’s Cave.

Entrance Fee: P150 for viewing and P200 for viewing + swimming

The Enchanted Cave sign at the entrance
Giant Clams Fossils
Coral Rocks as proof that this was once part of the sea
The hidden cave
  • Patar White Beach

It is a public beach located next to the Bolinao Lighthouse. Since this is a public beach, no entrance fee is required but there are open cottages that you can rent. The sand is actually creamy white and the water is clear perfect for swimming.

Entrance Fee: None

  • Patar Rock Formation

This is my most favorite Bolinao destination and the place I really looked forward to see. Since we stayed in Rockview Beach Resort, we don’t need to pay any entrance fee. There are beautiful rock formations on the resort and due to its huge waves, swimming is not allowed for tourist’s safety but there are ropes that you can hold on if you wish to deep on its waters. It is popular for sunset viewing and it is no joke, it has one of the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen! It made me fell in love with sunsets even more.

  • St. James the Great Parish Church

It is constructed on 1600s and one of the oldest church in Pangasinan. It is still standing strong after surviving natural calamities such as the 1788 earthquake, 1819 fire and 2009 typhoon that damaged some of the church structures. It is still under ongoing various renovations.

Where we stayed in Bolinao?

We stayed in Rockview Sunset Beach Resort and the place is good, clean, and offers affordable room selection. Rooms are well maintained and resort personnels are kind and approachable. They let us do early check-in as early as 6am without additional fee.

Rate: P2500 (air-conditioned room for 4 pax with free breakfast)

You can contact them through their facebook page here 

Sample Itinerary (2D1N) 

(Day 1) Time Activity
5:00 AM
ETA in Bolinao
5:10 AM
Breakfast in Adoras
5:30 AM
Tricycle ride to Patar
6:00 AM
Arrival at Hotel
6:40 AM
Start of Bolinao Tour
7:00 AM
ETA Cape Bolinao
8:30 AM
ETA Enchanted Cave
10:15 AM
Early Lunch at Mangunguna Restaurant (Since there is no food stalls in Bolinao Falls)
11:15 AM
ETD to Bolinao Falls
12 NN
ETA Bolinao Falls 1
12:30 PM
ETA Bolinao Falls 2
1:15 PM
ETA Bolinao Falls 3
2:00 PM
ETD to Patar Beach
3:00 PM
ETA Patar Beach
4:30 PM
ETA Hotel (freshen up)
5:30 PM
Sunset viewing in Rock Formation
7:00 PM
(Day 2) Time Activity
7:00 AM
8:00 AM
Swimming at Beach
10:00 AM
ETD to town center
10:40 AM
ETA St. James Church
11:30 AM
ETD to Manila

Breakdown Of Expenses (Good for 4)

Expenses Fares/Fees
Fare Manila-Bolinao
Breakfast at Adoras
Tricycle rental
P250 (P1000/4)
Enchanted Cave Entrance Fee
Lunch at Mangunguna
Bolinao Falls 1,2,3 Entrance Fee
P60 (P20X3)
Parking Fee
P15 (20 on each falls) (60/4)
P625 (P2500/4)
Tricycle Fare to town center
P50 (P200/4)
Lunch at town center
Fare to Manila-Bolinao

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