Treasure Mountain: Beauty Is Never Perfect In The First Place

It was Saturday night and all the campers were hoping for a glimpse of Sea of Clouds by the next morning. Tents were spread all over the camping areas. The cold wind embraces you the whole night. Endless stories were told to kill the time and stars didn’t failed to look beautiful above.

6am and people started to have a good seat. Everyone makes sure that they’ll have a good view of the sunrise. Cameras were all ready and eyes were all tired but eagerly waiting. Everyone wait and wait and wait.. but no Sea of Clouds showed up. And there you go, hopes went to disappointments.

However, how a beautiful view can be a disappointment? It can only be, if we think it is. If we learn to appreciate the beauty within something like a rainbow after the rain, a lesson on every mistake, or a swan after being an ugly duckling then you’ll realized that beauty was never perfect in the very first place.

Learn to appreciate the things we can embrace right now because it might be the same things that we can’t on the next year, month or even a day from now. Go ahead and take adventures but don’t let disappointments ruin the happiness that you can get. The things we thought are disappointments are only those tiny beautiful things that were not appreciated.

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