Discovering Cebu’s Hidden Gem: Bojo River and Hermit’s Cove Day Tour

Cebu is one of the most visited province of our country today because of its beautiful spots no one can resist. If someone will be asked “Where you want to go in Cebu?” he/she will most likely to answer to go whale shark watching in Oslob, do Canyoneering in Badian, experience Sardine Run in Moalboal or simply taste the famous Cebu Lechon in Carcar. These are the must things to do in Cebu and due to its popularity, tourists flock making the places too crowded.

Aside from this popular attractions, there’s still a lot of things Cebu has to offer. Two of these hidden gems can be found in Aloguinsan, located southwest of Cebu, the Bojo River and Hermit’s Cove. These hidden sanctuary is as beautiful as the other Cebu’s top destinations BUT with lesser people. So for those people who always wanted to take the road less travelled by then you will surely love this place.

How to get there?

  • You can ride a bus bound to Pinamungahan at Cebu South Terminal. First trip is 5am and just asked the driver to drop you on Aloguinsan. Travel time is 2 hours. Once arrived in Aloguinsan, there are habal-habal that you can ride going to Bojo River and Hermit’s Cove
  • Another option is to ride a bus or Vhire bound to Toledo, travel time is 1 to 1.5 hours. Upon reaching the Toledo Terminal, ride a jeepney en route to Aloguinsan that may take another 30 minutes

Bojo River


Bojo River cruise is an eco-tourism activity and the premier attraction of Aloguinsan. It is more than just a tourist attraction. From the collaborative effort of the local government and its people, they came up with this eco-tourism campaign that provides additional and alternative source of income to its townpeople. Fishermen served as tour guides and most women are designated on reception service and food or souvenir making.

With the P400 per head fee, you will be experiencing the one-hour boat ride (they will allow you to borrow a Filipino native hat to wear) while a local fisherman explains the plants and animals that can be seen on the river. They are very knowledgeable of the river’s ecosystem, explaining different kinds of mangroves, tells local folklore and promotes care for the environment.

Contrast to other exhilirating Cebu destinations, Bojo River will embrace you with serenity and calmness while being mesmerized by the view it has to offer. Rock formations found on the river are being compared to those found in Palawan.

Upon reaching the mouth of the river where the river meets the sea, the guide will tour you briefly on the open sea and shows different kinds of corals that can be clearly seen due to the clarity of the sea water. The guide will let you swim for some time on the river’s mouth and they will gladly help you take pictures.

You have to cross this wooden bridge on your way to the river
Start of the Tour
Mouth of the river that leads to the open sea

Hermit’s Cove

The same habal-habal driver picked us up on Bojo River after 1.5 hours and serviced us going to Hermit’s Cove. You will be passing through rough roads so better be careful. Upon reaching Hermit’s Cove located in Brgy. Kantobogon in Aloguinsan, we were greeted by the resort personnels who are from the local government unit on their baro’t saya uniforms. Entrance fee is P100 which includes the use of their tables or open cottages. They are too friendly and  got surprised that we came too far just to visit their humble town. Before going down the staircase that leads to the shores of the hidden beach, the resort personnel will tell a brief history of the beach and discuss the Do’s and Dont’s. The beach was named after an old hermit that once lived on this place. Overnight stay is not allowed on this place.

Hermit’s Cove is a sheltered beach waiting to be appreciated. It has clear waters, white sands and though it is no longer a secret beach, the people is still lesser compared to those most-hyped Cebu beaches. On our case, there are only around 25 people on  the area so you can really enjoy its waters and reconnect with nature.

The Welcome sign of Hermit's Cove
View of Hermit's Cove from above before getting down the staircase
Beach view from the staircase
Perfect for picture taking
Enjoying the white sand

How to get back to Cebu City?

  • You have to ride a habal-habal back to the town center of Aloguinsan and ride a bus bound to Cebu City. Last trip is 4pm
  • (Since it’s almost 4pm when we left Hermit’s Cove the drivers suggest us to take the Mantalongon route) Ride a habal-habal bound to Mantalongon and wait for a bus bound to Cebu City

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