Igorot Stone Kingdom Travel Guide: Newest Theme Park in Baguio

There are so many tourist attractions that actually came to light at the mid of this pandemic. One of this attraction is the Igorot Stone Kingdom that officially opened to the public last June 2021 and became one of the popular destination when you visit Baguio City since then. It is an Igorot theme park based on the legend of Sab-angan, an Igorot Kingdom that once existed but lost a thousand years ago.

Knowing Igorot Stone Kingdom

This theme park is located in Long Long Benguet Rd., Baguio City, about 500 meters away from Tam-awan Village. The place is owned by Pio Velasco or also known as Ama Bag-owan as his Igorot name who saw a white carabao last March 1, 2020. It was said that this is a good omen for him to start the Igorot Kingdom. In Igorot culture, white carabao symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Hence, by March 15, 2020 the construction started for the Igorot Stone Kingdom. The attraction is made of piled stones forming a castle-like structure. Stone walls also resembles the famous Banaue Rice Terraces of Ifugao province because of its ladder-like layout.

How to get there?

Via public commute

Ride a jeepney bound for Tacay-Longlong in Otek St., Baguio City or Tam-awan bound jeepneys in Kayang Street, Baguio City. Just tell the driver to drop you off in Igorot Stone Kingdom

Via taxi

Taxis are pretty much available around Baguio City and more convenient mode of transpo going point to point around the city. Taxi fare here is much cheaper than in Manila so if you are traveling in group, I suggest you to take a cab like what we did for your convenience.

What to expect in Igorot Stone Kingdom

Expect a flock of people upon entrance of the theme park especially during weekends and holidays but the main park area is so huge that people won’t be crammed in one area. Entrance fee is 100 Php for adults, 80 Php for senior citizens and kids (4-12 years old) and free for toddlers (3 years old and below). The Park is open Monday to Sunday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Going around the park will make you realized how rich the Igorot civilization is, exhibiting their prowess and history. The castle-like structure also houses a lot of attractions such as Bangan’s dome, Temple of Kabunyan, Igorot goldmine, Igorot Golden Bridge, Igorot Heroes Hall, underground garden, kape in the sky, view deck and many more! Take note that the construction in the park is still on going, so for sure the place will still provide us with more surprises next time.

It was also displayed on the park that it was dedicated by the owner, Pio, to his mother named Rita which he described as a fair and beautiful Igorota. The woman he admired and taught him to be strong despite all.

What I like also in this park is its vivacity. It has this positive and lively energy that would make your visit worthy. There are food stalls where you can buy food and pasalubongs, you can rent Igorot costumes for photo ops and a music that echoes all around the park.

When going back to Baguio Proper you can either ride a jeepney or taxi again. Have you been to Igorot Stone Kingdom before? Share your experiences below!

NOTE: As of April 3, 2023, Igorot Stone Kingdom is finally open again for the public after few months of being closed. For any recent announcement, please visit their page here.

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