Atok, Benguet: Northern Blossoms Flower Farm Travel Guide

It was few years ago when Northern Blossoms Flower Farm made a social media and nationwide TV craze. It was featured in several TV shows and since then, I did tell myself to visit it someday. Northern Blossoms Flower Farm is located in Atok, Benguet and so far, the most beautiful farm I ever visited my entire life. With its high elevation, colder climate than Baguio City and beautiful flower farms arising on its ground, Atok is now becoming a top destination among Filipino travelers.

Knowing Northern Blossoms Flower Farm

Northern Blossoms Flower Farm is located in the beautiful town of Atok in Benguet. It is a 1.5 to 2 hour drive from Baguio City and a popular go to destination if you are already in Baguio. The farm showcases many variants of blooming flowers such as everlastings, marigolds, snapdragons, hydrangeas, rice flowers and of course, the flower that made this place known to everyone, the cabbage roses! I think many of the visitors, got curious about this blossom that looks like a cabbage with colors and bigger in sizes but actually a hybrid rose. The farm is open from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Here are the entrance fees:

Adult- P250

Senior/PWD- P200

Kids- P50 (6-10 yrs old)

Entrance fee includes brewed coffee and you can also hire a tour guide for P250 per group. Fees may change without prior notice so you can visit their official FB page for recent updates. Click here.

How to get there?

From Manila, ride a bus from PITX, Pasay or Cubao. Upon arrival in Baguio City, make your way to Dangwa Terminal at the back of Central Mall and look for vans or buses bound to Atok, Mankayan or Sagada. Just tell the driver to drop you off in Northern Blossoms. Fare is P200 and travel time may take around 1.5 to 2 hours.

*There are no buses available yet when we visited Atok early this year (2022), we got to ride a van bound to Atok for P200 each. First trip of van starts to rack up passengers at around 4:00 AM.

Getting around the farm:

We arrived at Northern Blossoms registration area at around 5:45 AM and in our surprise, there’s already a long queue of line for registration. We paid for our registration fees and we opt not to get a tour guide anymore. First stop upon entrance of Northern Blossoms is its greenhouse full of Snapdragon flowers. Then you’ll make your way down to the actual farm and you will be overwhelmed by the various blossoms right in front of your eyes. You’ll get baffled on which flower or point you’ll take picture with as every corner is a picture-perfect spot. Every site is so dreamy and can’t help to be mesmerized by every single detail of it.

It was weekend when we went there and it is understandable that there’s a flock of people all over the place. It was hard for us to take photos by ourselves so if you wish to visit with lesser crowd, I suggest to set your visit during weekdays or late afternoon. It is said that January to April is the best time to visit the farm when its flowers are in full bloom especially the cabbage roses everyone is talking about. I also suggest to wear comfortable shoes as a bit of trekking would be required going around and pathways can be muddy at times. Take your time taking photos with the blooms as there’s a vast number of it all around the place.

There are also resting areas downhill where you can sit for a while and appreciates the mountainous scenery of Mt. Pulag and Mt. Timbak right in front of you. Taking a nice shot would not require much effort as the place is effortlessly beautiful on its own. But of course, don’t forget to take IG-worthy pictures with the cabbage roses!

Right before you exit, you can go inside this area where you can get your brewed coffee. This is also the place where they sell plants in pots if you wish to bring one home.

People are lining up to get their cup of coffee

Overall, it was a fun, dreamy and heavenly experience visiting Northern Blossoms Flower Farm. As any flower would symbolize, it brought me delight and happy times.  I would definitely recommend it to everyone and visit it again next time. Nearby attractions within Atok area are Sakura Garden and the Highest Point, which used to be the highest point in the Philippine’s Highway System.

Flowers up close
Cabbage roses

Going back to Baguio City

From Northern Blossoms, we walked to the van terminal going back to Baguio City. Terminal is located in front of Marosan’s Eatery right after the Atok Municipal Hall. Travel may take around another 2 hours back to Baguio.

*On our way down back to Baguio City, we dropped by in La Trinidad to re-visit Mt. Kalugong (a cultural village with a coffee shop on top of the mountain). If you also wish to visit it, here’s the blog link.

Have you been to Northern Blossoms Flower Farm before? Share your experiences below!

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