Lanawan Rocks: A New Trekking Spot To Try In Concepcion, Iloilo

Hiking seems to be popular to the young and old ones nowadays. Not only within Luzon but I noticed that even in the province of Iloilo, it is starting to be a hobby for many. But if your heart is not into a whole day hike, you can try visiting Lanawan Rocks that offers a spectacular view after a merely 15-to-20-minute trek to the top. Lanawan rocks is located in Sitio Tagbak, Brgy. Placido, Concepcion, Iloilo and a good side trip when you are visiting the beaches of the Northern Iloilo. Just located around 3 hours away from the City of Iloilo this could be your next weekend trip with your friends and family.

Knowing Lanawan Rocks:

As per our tour guide, Lanawan Rocks is a tourist attraction that features few rock formations and was recently discovered and opened at the mid of this covid pandemic. The place was posted by a tourist on social media that people on the internet became curious about this beauty hidden at the outskirts of Concepcion, Iloilo. People on the area is actually not into social media and didn’t even realize that posts on these platforms can make their place known to many. The rock formations were kept on themselves for so many years but now, they are ready for the world to finally see it. Thanks to the viral post of Lanawan Rocks that many locals were given a chance to earn an extra as a guide (like how our guide, who is a working student, was able to get extra money for his school allowance).

The trail going to the jump off is a dirt road composed of few ascents making it famous to bicycle riders looking for adventure trail. Many group of riders are visiting the place especially during the weekend. The Lanawan Rocks are being managed by Ate Anabelle who is the owner also of Anna’s Kitchenette located at the jump off of the trail.

How to get there?

From Iloilo City, make your way to Ceres Terminal located in Tagbak, Iloilo. Ride a bus bound to Concepcion (travel is roughly 3 hours). From Concepcion town proper, ride a habal-habal or tricycle that will take you directly to Lanawan Rocks. Travel time may take another 30 minutes and fare would be 100 Php each. Tricycle on Brgy. Placido is not pretty much available for commuters so we opt to ask our driver to just wait for us at the jump off and paid him additional fee.

Trekking going to Lanawan Rocks:

We reached Brgy. Placido at around 11 AM and met Ate Ana where we paid for a registration fee of 25 Php each and tour guide fee of 100 Php (for 5 pax). After paying, we left our things at Anna’s kitchen and started the trek right away. The trek is pretty easy but the heat of the sun makes it exhausting from time to time. It’s almost noon when we started the trail so I advise anyone planning to go there to start the trek early morning or late afternoon. There are couple of peaks or rock formations you could take pictures with. Just be extra careful as it could be heart trembling experience especially for those who have a fear of heights. From above you’ll be seeing the beauty of the blue waters of Concepcion and its nearby town of Ajuy.

Mesmerized by the spectacular view from above
What a beautiful view to fall in love with
A view of the nearby town of Ajuy
La Terraza de Agua Bendita Resort as seen from above

Take another 15-minute descent and you’ll reach the jump off.

Anna’s Kitchenette:

After you get tired of trekking, you can reward yourself with a sumptuous mean from Ana’s Kitchenette owned by Ate Anabelle. The food house serves silog dishes and beverages. Our personal favorite is their Buko Shake! You’ll definitely ask for more.

The food place is beautifully decorated. From empty bottles up to sea shells are all recycled and used to make the place feel homey while enjoying good food with a view.

The town of Concepcion in Iloilo is actually famous for its white sand island beaches but it is refreshing to know that aside from its beautiful waters, they have this vantage point from above that you could trek and appreciate the allure high up.

For additional inquiries, you can directly contact Lanawan Rocks on their official Facebook page here.

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